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harry the cod
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Almost 2 pages in without personal attacks.....let's keep it that way, shall we?

You know full well the intent of my post. The DCAA is still alive and kicking. All it's done is provide an offshoot called the DAC to run both DXB and DWC. The GCAA is a different entity altogether. The former organisation has HH as it's chairman, the latter doesn't. That was the point I was making. People often get confused between the two. I wasn't one of them. If you want to be facetious, JetBlast is the best forum for that.

As for the dirty laundry, our views will differ. My main angst is against those that constantly bleat on a public forum without first exhausting all possibilities from within. Frustrating it may be but at least there is a chance for change through highlighting various concerns. With reports, change may occur. Without reports, change will definitely not take place!

If you've followed the process and got nowhere, then you have the right to vent.

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