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you have a valid point. Of course it is much better for Emirates' business if they can continue to operate without proper regulatory oversight. But I don't think it is better for you as pilots. They have been continuously lowering the crew factor which now stands at about 7. Lufthansa long-haul has a crew factor of 10, Air France of 11.

Now if you imagine that Vereinigung Cockpit succeed in getting out the truth about this Emirates will be forced to raise the crew factor to a similar level. Legal rostering, flight safety and crew health would demand that. In my opinion Emirates can afford to do that. They have only been testing your limits because they can. The general advantage of a great product for the passengers and a convenient network hub would remain. If they were forced to raise the crew level to 10 that would be an additional 1,670 pilots today. I am sure they can get that number if all of you get back a decent lifestyle, tell your friends and post it here.

Or you can all keep quiet and help them increase your workload even more. You should then also follow TCAS' advice and not tell the truth on PPRuNe anymore. After all that is what keeps newjoiners from coming - not the management decisions EK made ;-)
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