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I don't think your analogy is a valid one but either way, we will agree to disagree on this. Three points I would like to raise however in relation to some other posts;

Firstly, the Confidential Reporting System in EK does not replace the ASR system. It's role is unique and completely separate to the mandated Air Safety Reports.

Secondly, the GCAA system, although claimed to be confidential, has it's limitations. Further more, I don't know who at the GCAA receives it. At least in EK, we do. That at least brings accountability on the part of the facilitator charged with handling the reports and that of the Company. We are required to have such a system in place and it has to be robust and workable. I believe it is. Which leads me to the last point.

falconeasydriver has had a negative experience of the system. As Big Geordie has stated, we need to be careful what reports we use and what we include in them. I don't disagree that certain individuals could make life an issue which is why I'd recommend contacting the CSR facilitator before hand to discuss available options if the report is of a sensitive nature. That advice would be the same in any airline around the World, wouldn't it?

However, the issues that we're discussing on this thread are not of an individual nature but relate to safety concerns overall. It is the trend within the Company and it's culture that needs addressing and it's these very issues that the CSR system is designed for. Whether the Company chooses to take action or ignore these issues is for them to decide. We, however, must still pass on this information to ensure they're accountable for their actions, not us held accountable for inaction or failure to report.

As for your comment Talparc about my opinion of the German union, my thoughts are that they have other issues closer to home that they should, and probably will, concentrate on. If people in EK wish to contact them and use it as an avenue to voice their concerns, so be it. I've always believed that you should never air your dirty laundry in public or with unknown entities unless you have exhausted all other internal possibilities first. And for the record, and the umpteenth time, our Chairman IS NOT the Chairman of the GCAA. He's chairman of the CAA which are the owners of Dubai airport, not the regulatory authority of the airline.

Still, Im not naive enough to believe that the actual chairman of the GCAA is not connected in some way or another with him and is thus 'influenced' with rules and protocols that are applied to EK and others!


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