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I honor your effort and belief in the system.

However, consider this:

Many events that would be suited for confidential reporting have to be reported via ASR as well, according to our books, or they will be detected through the safety team..
Now there is a choice, as ASRs or "stars" on the FR are not confidential at EK!
They are elsewhere and for a good reason, namely to enhance safety!!
If you report stuff like that confidentially, you get called because you can be identified.
This basically devalues the CRs at EK.

If a CR is submitted, quite often persons can be identified simply by the nature of the CR, even if no direct names were mentioned.
As you admit yourself, in such cases you or the other person can be de-identified and called.
This devalues the CRs again.

Confidential reports are not reduced to the CRS within EK. There is another channel going to the GCAA.
Try that channel and see how fast a copy lands in the bounty castle for confirmation. Sure enough without names, but as clear as Vodka to enable identifying the origin.

Again, i trust you mean well and you might even believe in it.
I definitely do not.
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