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predictable reactions


thanks for weighing in. I agree that in an ideal world there would be many other ways to change the current issues. But you have been there long enough to understand the realities of the place. The reactions are very predictable.

I take the check-in time scam as an example. It was reported to all affected agencies including the GCAA. Anyone could read it in the WSJ. But the company and the government deliberately chose to continue as before - only trying to hide the truth a little more. Sure, there is a business case. If only a single-digit percentage of flights were affected by proper recording of actual check-in that would be hundreds of millions in revenue lost. And that case is as black and white as it gets. No grey area for opinions or misunderstandings.

The company's reaction to the more personal issues of rest patterns, leave, sickness and off days have also been very clear for everybody to see.

So the only way that the company will put the pilots' wellbeing above revenue will be if it affects revenue. If the travelling public in Europe and the US and the political decision makers understand that the shiny sky bar has dead tired drivers then EK may have to start investing in your smiles instead of Jennifer's.

I don't know a better organization than the battle-hardened colleagues of Vereinigung Cockpit to bring on that fight. Writing to management sure as hell didn't help in my case. Believe me I tried.

Greetings from Germany
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