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German Pilot Union has an open ear

Just when I thought that nobody cared about the issues we discuss here it seems that I have found the platform many of us have been looking for. I have shared my story and evidence with the German Pilot Union "Vereinigung Cockpit". They have an open ear for such complaints and understand the situation very well. I think this could be a game changer and I encourage you to contact them. They are offering secure and confidential reporting for issues at airlines where legal relief is not available. You can also send them evidence or volunteer as a witness with whatever level of anonymity you are comfortable with. They will only use what you agree to and will not share your identity. Vereinigung Cockpit e.V. Report

Vereinigung Cockpit is the association of airline pilots and flight engineers in Germany. Today, it has approximately 9600 cockpit crew members from all German airlines (even during their training) as well as commercial helicopter pilots. The fundamental objectives of VC are to contribute to the welfare of civil aviation as well as to ensure and pursue the interests of its members regarding professional and collective bargaining policies. Among other things, they achieve this by influencing legislation and informing the public about the professional, sociopolitical and economic situation of cockpit crews. They are very reasonable people but also pack a punch. In the past 2 years they have gone on 13 strikes against Lufthansa and been all over the media.

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