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(AIRBUS)FD's in windshear above 1300 ft AGL - AIRBUS


Airbus 320 FCOM says: For takeoff windshear detection is only upto 1300 ft AGL

If after takeoff a/c gets into windshear below 1300 ft agl, and you follow the FD bars (which are ofcourse giving u windshear guidance) you eventually climb and pass out of 1300 ft agl , and are still in windshear conditions, What will the FD bars show now as you pass above 1300 ft agl, since the windshear detection is only provided upto 1300 ft AGL

will the FD bars above 1300 ft agl still give me windshear guidance, if yes ..how??? since the FCOM says wind shear protection is only upto 1300 agl.

Kindly help me with this

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