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The following is the Last Will & Testament of my 6th great Uncle (brother to my 6th great grandma).

John Pettigrew (10 Mar 1732 - Dec 1775)

They sure knew how to write wills in the 1700s!

In the name of God, Amen, I John pettigrew of the town of Sunbury and parish of St John, in the province of Georgia, being at this present time in sound mind and memory, and in tolerable good Health of Body, Do make and ordain this my last Will & Testament hereby revoking all former Wills by me made and Imprimis after committing my soul to the Almighty, in hopes of a blesed ressurection through the merit of my Saviour Jesus Christ;

- It is my desire that my remains be comitted to the Grave in a decent frugal manner, without any kind of point or show, as all kind of parades & shows are as detestable to me as the dirt under my feet and I despise all such empty fools, where vanity and conceit leads them to be guilty of such nonsense.

- I have no exception to any person in town being at my Funeral, but John Hardy, Carpenter, who I despise on account of his bad character, and as I hate all villains as I do snakes, I desire that my Executors shall turn that Scoundrel from my funeral should he have the impudence to attend it.

Item it is my express will & desire that my Executors hereinafter to be named Do take upon them the management of the Copartnership under the firm of pettigrew and patterson during the absense of Simon patterson Snr of Glasgow, or simon patterson Jnr his son. And in the event of both of them being absent from this Country, that they my Executors herinafter to be named doth cause to be advertised for sale in the newspapers of this province for five weeks all and every the remaining effects of the said pettigrew and patterson still unsold and that all and every of them be sold at public [autery] at no short credit, as my Executors shall judge meet for the advantage of the subject & I also entreat that my said Executors will use their utmost endeavors in collecting the outstanding Debts of the said pettigrew and Patterson as soon as prossible after my decease and forthwith remit it home to Britain.

Item I give and bequeath unto my ever affectionate mother Janet Pettigrew my gold sleeve buttons, my gold seal being the armorial bearings of the family, my silver [shoe?] buckle, my [stone? shee? buckles?], my seal with a white stone and my Bibles, all of which I desire may be sent her as soon after my decease as possible. I also give & bequeath to my said Mother my silver watch, which I desire may be sent her along with the above articles, but should my said mother not be alive at the time of my decease then and in that case I desire that the above articles bequeathed to my said mother shall be sent home to my eldest Sister Janet pettigrew and to be by her distributed as she shall think proper.

Item I give & bequeath unto Robert Baillie of St Andrews parish Esquire Five pound current money of this province to be laid out on any small Trinket he pleases __ And this I give in Testimony of the deep sense of his capabilities and friendship towards me.

Item I give and bequeath unto Roderick MacIntosh Esqr of St andrews parish my broad sword in testimony of my deep regard for him, and in full belief that no man can use it better than he can when occaision requires_

Item I give and bequeath unto Walter Wilson of Glasgow my [brase lionel?] pistols_

Item I give & bequeath unto David Fleming Five pound current money of the province to be laid at any thing he thinks proper.

Item I give and bequeath unto Donald Fraser Collector of the County duties for this district three copies of such of my books as he shall think proper to take.

Item I give & bequeath unto Simon paterson Snr of glasgow five pound current money of this province in testimony of my regard for him to laid out on any such Trinket as he chooses_

Item I give & bequeath unto Simon Patterson Jnr of Glasgow a mourning ring which I ordain my Executors to present him with_

Item I give & bequeath unto James Beverly school master in Sunbury two copies of such my books as he shall choose provided always that Donald Fraser shall have the first choice_

Item I give & bequeath unto William Wallace, my [client], my [Bediven Hort] with such of my linen apparel as my Executors shall think his behaviour merits after my decease.

Item I give & bequeath unto my own affectionate sisters Janet, Grizzel, Elizabeth, Mary, Margaret & Agnes pettygrew to them & to their Heirs for ever in fee my real estate lying & situate in the parish of Barony of Glasgow and County of Lanark known by the Manor of Green, in the kingdom of Scotland which my affectionate mother at present life rents_

Item I give & bequeath to my said ever affectionate sisters Janet, Grizzel, Elizabeth, Mary, Margaret & Agnus pettygrew all & whole the remainder of my personal Estate, either in the Country or elsewhare after paying of my just debts to them & to their Heirs for ever, under the Warden as follws that my said affectionate mother shall enjoy during all the days of her life, the benefits of one half of all my personal estate -

I also ordain that the Bear and Racoon shall be sent home to my mother immediately after my death as the part of the Country in which my said mother lives abounds with [Coal?] critters and as they are in general great robbers of Gardens & from my own knowledge they not only carry off the Fruit, but also threaten roots, It is my opinion therefore that if the said Bear is put into the Garden that he will prevent a much robberies as has been heretofore practiced.

Lastly I hereby appoint the before named Robert Baillie of St Andrews parish Esquire, David Flemming Donald [Fergus?] of Sunbury, Simon paterson Senior of Glasgow & Simon paterson Junior of Glasgow all before named to be the Executors of this my last Will & Testament and I must once more earnestly recommend & request of any said Executor that they will lose no time in collecting the outstanding debts of pettigrew & patterson & convert the goods remaining on Hand of that concern into produce of this Country, so as it may be remitted home as soon as possible without any loss of time_ This request I consider as almost unnecessary , as I am sure that the Gentlemen my Executors will do their utmost in discharge of their trust In Testimony whereof I have hereunto set my Hand & Seal to those present this Eleventh day of September in the year of our lord, on thousand seven hundered and seventy five years.

Signed sealed in presence of the Witnesses as under
Samuel Miller,
David Laing,
William Broomworth,


Before his Excellency Sir James Wright Baronet Captain General Governor and Command in Chief of his Majesty's said province of Georgia, Chancellor
Nothing like a guy who gives his mates a broad sword and pistols, and sends his nice mother a Bear and a Racoon for the garden.

He wrote this will in September 1775, and was dead by December of the same year - perhaps he should have kept the sword?

Actually, it is unusual that his will was witnessed my the Governor himself - and this was the only British Governor to win back his province from the rebels in the American Revolution - which started in 1775...

... I wonder if he was killed in an action relating to the Revolution?

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