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Its well known that Easa FTL is more advantageous for morning departures but not so much for afternoon. The issue of previous'safer regime,' can only be perceived at this time - the new fdp's have been around for many years in Europe under the guise of sub part Q - flown by many more airlines than left in the UK. This offers UK airlines a level playing field.

My questions to you;

What was the name of the last decent sized UK AOC to start up?

If a BA crew member can fly in from home say AMS, hang around for4 hours then go fly for 3 sectors or a 2 crew flight stateside - if your that concerned over the longer FDP in the morning are you willing to comment on the commuting question ?
For your first question, Don't know. For your second, I don't commute but for what it's worth I think doing an extra 2 hours duty after an 05:55 report that used to be called 'Discretion' is not safe. And to be rostered it consecutively (and legally) is going to result in more tiredness related errors.
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