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Requesting vectors...

Dear EK pilots
I am looking out for a charitable soul to offer some much needed advice. I am a G650 pilot. I am quite happy with my job, the owner i work for is very kind and respectful. Conditions could be better but could be worse. (Decent money but no package).Based in europe. I have always had this dream of flying" big iron " for EK and recently got an invitation for a PSP. I have a wife and 2 young sons. After reading some threads, i must say i got second thoughts to say the least. Cold feet you might say... Wllingly setting aside for a moment all i have read, may i ask you the following:
- As of today, 1st January 2016, ( happy new year by the way)what can any of you good gentlemen tell me about your general hapiness in your job ? Are all the bad things i have read true?( very silly question , i do realise that, but i beg for your kind understanding, i have no one to turn to and pray that you will find time to candidly and openly shed some light)
- can one expect to work until retirement at EK, or is it more of a "temporary gig"? ( did you guess i was hoping for the first option ? )
- Can our families travel freely in and out of the Emirates, do they get to keep their passports without restrictions ? ( again, silly question...)
- how is the ambiance in the cockpit, camaraderie and general atmosphere between pilots ?
- how many days at home can i expect in a typical month ?
- do pilots get fired ? How often and on which grounds if so ? ( Is the management Humane with pilots and their families, do they show liniency towards honest mistakes ?)
- more specific questions to follow if i can find a tender soul to spare some info...
Please only answer what your heart musters, not every question if you don't want to, i appreciate every second of your precious time.Finally, i would like to express my gratitude in advance for your kindness and Candor dear Sirs.
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