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Faa Training & Certificate RVSM MNPS ETOPS

Hi guys,

just to clarify the training for the FAA Licence for par 91 as a private A/C Cj2+. (C525)

Where does it says that the Pilot of an N Reg have to have RVSM, MNPS and ETOPS?

As far as I know for RVSM is in:
FAR Part 91 Appendix G and ICAO Annex 6

91.1065 of Subpart K ?
Is that right? But I can't find the part when they ask for the pilot training.
If I wants to ferry a Cj2+ from Europe to US, the only advantage of having MNPS approval is the ability to follow the 'Blue Spruce' routes at a reasonable flight level right?

ETOPS rules only apply to air carriers flying under FAR part 135 and 121.
As private A/C we would be accomplished under part 91 so we only need appropriate flotation and emergency equipment for over water flight?

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