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a different take

A different take on AI 619 accident.
Chain of events :
A senior examiner flies down from somewhere in middle east to mumbai . Same time this flight to Hyderabad gets stuck because of a last minute sick report by another captain. The examiner is pulled out to operate this flight to Hyderabad, this also being a training flight of a 10 hours old trainee first officer.
Now , this stand 28L itself is a very confusing pushback stand as at the end of the pushback the tow tractor is at the 10 o'clock position to the Captain's seat and the nose ends up at an angle of close to 25* right.
Once pushback gets completed and the Captain has also asked the engineer to disconnect everything , he asks the trainee first officer to ask for taxi clearance. During the same time, the engineer removes the pin without having the tow tractor move away and starts folding up his headset cord at that position.
Now the entire ground equipment parks on the right side that is towards the first officer side. So the towing tractor and the ground staff has to cross under the nose of the aircraft to cross to the right.
Captain asks for right clear and that time first officer sighting nothing on the right says " right clear" .
Last but not the least , ATC asks the pilot to "EXPEDITE" to allow movement of another aircraft. The turn from pushback from 28L requires a steep left turn to come on the adjoining taxiway. During all this time the engineer was still folding his headset cord. Now as the aircraft is about to move, he starts proceeding from left to right under the nose along with his helper. The pilot puts in extra power on the right to help turn the aircraft to the left. He falls vertically right in the front of the aircraft as soon as the high power is applied and gets sucked in. His helper falls flat on the ground as he realises what has gone wrong. Hence a chain of events result into this tragedy!
May his soul rest in peace!

Plz note that I have got this version about accident on watsapp and found it worth to share and doesn't claim any responsibility of credibility.
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