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Originally Posted by framer View Post
Does anyone know the aircraft type?
AIC619 is usually an A319 (CFMI).

Originally Posted by kibz2005 View Post
Maybe a crossbleed start?
One of the comments here (unconfirmed) would support that:

Technician sucked into Air India plane engine in Mumbai airport, killed | The Indian Express

"It was reported that the APUs [sic] on the aircraft were not functional, so it was impossible to start both engines on the taxiway. Hence, one engine was started with ground power before pushback, and pushback was taking place with that engine on idle. After pushback, the engine would be revved up to 35%, and the second engine started with power from the running engine (since the APUs were not functional). It appears that the running engine was revved up *before* the pushback cart and personnel had moved to safe locations."
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