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Experience required


I am planning to begin PPL training in about 18 months time. I'm coming towards the end of a 6 year PhD, the kids will be both off at uni and I will have more time and money to pursue my dream of learning to fly.
My only real world experience of flying was on a trial lesson at Denham that was bought for me for a birthday a few years back. Sadly, the timing was not right to continue from that point. In the meantime I have had to satisfy myself with simulated flying at home.
I have been learning about the principles of flight, the basic maneuvres, navigation and control of SEP aircraft. I'm not sure if this is a helpful thing to do prior to any real world or not but it has certainly given me a small taste of what needs to be learned in order to get the PPL.
What I would really like is to get some time up in the air to get some first-hand experience of the procedures, ATC, the effect of weather conditions etc.
What is the likelihood that a pilot would allow me to join them as an observer if I offered to share the cost of fuel etc?
I live on the western edge of London and am equidistant between EGTF and EGLD but would be willing to travel further if necessary.
Any help, advice or nods in the right direction would be welcome.
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