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Interesting times.

With regard to the T1 demolition, this suggests to me that they are definitely going down the bussing route for some time. also worth noting that other images don't show the pier nearest to the M56 whilst they show others, again suggesting bussing to remote gates up near to the M56.
They can get rid of the body of T1 if the capacity is replaced in terms of check in and security and lounge space by the T2 extension. And that is what is happening.

My question is that the new T2 will be laid out quite differently so I still think they will move existing T2 carriers into the new section and close the old section for refurbishment which could take a year easily. Maybe move some T1 carriers over at that time.

So they will move carriers to T2 and use buses for a long time whilst the new fingers are being built?!? That's my best guess.

Interesting times....
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