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Been with Ethiopian for a while now so thought I would update this thread.


Very friendly people to be around.
Except for petty thefts Addis is safe for Expats.
Temperature is good through out the year. A little pollution but not too bad.
The company treats you good. No complaints.
The contract is honored ( except for below)
The money gets to your account on time and correct amount every month.
99% FOs would rather fly with you then the local Capt. They are friendly to you and unless you are a total jerk you will like the cockpit environment.
The cabin crew are friendly and competent.
20/10 or 25/12 schedule.
Confirmed. Buisness class seats on your GDO every time. The 777 have the full flat seats now.
14 days Annual leave @ 2 days per month. I take all 14 days every year in combination with the GDO.
Pay is per aircraft type etc etc.
The housing allowance covers your hotel or shared apartment.


This is One of the poorest countries in Africa. Therefore please do not expect western standards in housing food sanitation transport. Etc etc. though Addis has adequate infra structure restaurant. Etc. it's not a bad city at all.
Ethiopia is a single party socialist country. The government controls everything
Time magazine this month had Ethiopia as the No1 country for Internet censorship.
The CAA, Ethiopian airlines , the government all are one and the same thing.


Initial sim training for the 777 is a breeze. 737/757/767 could be a nightmare. ( 6 737 captains in last year alone I know off did not make it through the 3rd day of sim)
All said and done. If you want to fly within legal duty period limits with legal rest periods.....this company is probably not for you. The constant calls from scheduling will result in Either
a. You will quit as soon as you can find another Gig
B. You will snap and they will fire you
C. You will fight every day to stay legal and the chief pilot will have you on speed dial. Then your contract will not be renewed.
D. A few months and you can't take it anymore. You will quit without the next gig lined up and no job.

Either way it will be a short stay.

Want to fly 150 hrs a month. ( some do...) and make lots of overtime money. This company needs you.

Just my two cents for those looking into joining here.
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