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Liverpool School of English supports Heathrow expansion - Taking Britain Further

Interesting link here where in my view the somewhat ill advised Anna Goodband, Principal at the Liverpool School For English suggests how splendid it would be to expand Heathrow.

Notwithstanding the poss 6bn spend on some lovely infastructure down there, investment I dare say Merseyside could benefit from up here, I find the lack of knowledge in respect of recent history and indeed support of Manchester staggering at every level.

Direct Liverpool services to Heathrow stopped at the time due lack of demand. ...

Nothing to do with slot availability !

KLM tried also to connect Liverpool to a major hub, it failed due to lack of demand again not lack of slots!

Has anything changed?

Rather presumptious therefore for HAL to suggest an airline come along and invest their hard earned cash in this route is it not ?

Also a pity that Messrs Goodband and the Liverpool Chamber have swallowed the hype without recourse to actuality.

Whilst I appreciate Manchester and Liverpool are not bosom buddies I'm pretty sure business in Manchester fully SUPPORTS the current expansion of the Port Of Liverpool and the opportunities this will bring rather than having to send freight down to Felixstowe / Southampton.

Even if it sticks in the claw to support Manchester Airport surely to God fairminded Liverpudlians would think twice about supporting a potential 6bn spend on road and rail in the SE "yet again" above and beyond investment in their own area.

Just hold that thought, 6bn for the premise not by an airline but by a third party of the "mere possibility" of a link to Heathrow and this based on a failed track record !

Flimsy is not the word !

(NB The current investment in Port Liverpool is private money think what they could do with a modicum of Government investment )

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