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I notice that Bluey has deliberately ignored my post informing her that her very own Country people are responsible for the her "sun" dilemma this year.
Apologies, O Wise One ... one has been a little preoccupied for the last few days. Of course it is NOT the fault of the Aussies ... a scurrilous calumny designed to confuse the unaware. I know what yer up to and it's not working. So there.

Terrible, terrible uncontained bushfires in the Esperance area. Four people have lost their lives; one a local farmer who stayed instead of running in order to try to warn neighbours to get out. The others were three German backpackers who all died in the same vehicle. Absolute bastard of a way to die.

- maybe the time has come to saddle up and ride out of town?
Last thing we need, Lon ... more people abandoning ship. We won't have any crew left at this rate.
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