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I could not agree with you more ! I know that the statistics give comfort to "those that matter", but they give no comfort to me. As I have said before, my generation of ATC was schooled (& submersed) in the "when the system fails, it fails safe" philosophy. For me, it is difficult to imagine that this philosophy is upheld in modern systems & methods. However, it is difficult to accuse those in charge of having a cavalier attitude in this matter when the statistics do not make an obvious flaw in safety standards apparent.
I do believe that there is such a flaw underlying the system, but it may never make itself obvious to the ANSPS, the regulators, the bean counters, the general public, or even to the ATCOS. Long may that continue to be the case !
In general, it may have to be accepted that the modern system & philosophy of ATC is the ONLY way to deal with the traffic load. In that case, "Goodbye Procedural ATC".
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