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FDR battery backup

I get it as signal cables was broken. I hope there is some kind of backup batteries inside recorders.
To my knowledge there is no battery backup for CVR or FDR.
It is a long debated issue. Power gone - recording stops.
In most cases it means that for pilots there is nothing much to save anymore.

Here it means initial event was quick and violent enegh for subsequent events to happen almost instantly. In seconds. like firestorm in aft compartment and falling apart.

I wonder why wings are still attached and not broken off in sudden nosedive as tail broke off? Or was there enough time to decelerate before tail broke off?
It could easily be the case. just power cables to FDR were snapped in initial event, while tail break along with rear fuselage falling apart happened later. Thus we need to know which parts were found first along the flight path. Small parts perhaps?
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