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HS issue(s)

OOOOPPPS forgot to post link ## 1032 by prada for photo 4th Nov 2015, 16:36

A clse look at the upper left hand side ** seems** to show a major break/shear-tensile of a thick structure possibly similar to a portion of the hinge. The top surface shows (composite ? ) fibers such as found in composite tape layups being pulled out as does the left side **threads - strips **. And yet the lower portion of the HS shows the same threads being broken by bending along a relatively straight edge.

IMO this combination of damage/failure along with the right side internal ( front/rear spar ) tearing would indicate the HS failing by being bent up/down re normal horizontal position. And that it happened in the air and not by ground impact since there appears to be no related pieces closeby

Or in the possible alternate the HS was twisted/rotated into the airstream such that aeroloads snapped it off

Comments ?

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