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Originally Posted by Lonewolf_50 View Post

based on the lines that you drew where you show what look to be failure lines ..

If for example only one half of the HS failed/tore off, would the instant imbalance of downward forces from the other half of the HS create enough torsion (twist/torque) on a vertical stab and tail to make it fail along that line/zone ... with the aft bulkhead being strong enough to resist it?

My guess is "no" because the area around the HS has to be a structurally strong part of the aircraft due to the loads the HS puts on it all the time in flight. However, I am doing a back of the napkin guess, and maybe load paths would make that a possibility if the back end experienced a twisting type of load.
Depends entirely on the airspeed and angle of attack of the HS. If the HS is at its normal nominally low AoA then probably no it wouldnt fail.
As pointed out earlier, if not constrained (free flying tailcone) then the forces wouldn't be heavily reacted and the surface (s) just decelerate

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