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Has anyone else seen the similarities to QZ8501?

I'm curious if any one else has noticed the similarities to AirAsia Flt 8501? We had a lot of great pictures available to us with the recovery of that 320-200. The slight variation is that QZ 8501 split further aft in the fuselage. Earlier before I saw these photos (233) I thought that maybe the aft pressure bulkhead let go. But after seeing where this fuselage split I 'm inclined to a different thought. Much has been said about the repaired tail strike damage. Having performed such repairs I simply regarded it as pure reaching by the media with any information they could get there hands on, after all its been 7 years since the repair.
Now however, I'm led to bring up a slightly different idea. What if this aircraft over rotated on takeoff? If you take a straight edge and capture the bottom of the main wheels and then rotate the edge along the aft fuselage, I believe we have just located the lower point of the split. I really don't agree with the bomb theory and the bulkhead is just too far away from the split to have been terminally affected. Maybe the repair hasn't been monitored as hit should have been? State side we would have been watching this repair and using nondestructive testing periodically. These are plausible scenarios for a split in tis location.
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