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Originally Posted by lowbank View Post
After the Lauda air all reverser types had to be redesigned with 3 locks. two different systems, electric and hydraulic. i worked on many variations but not this particular thrust reverser type. nothing is impossble but i would be very surprised at this being the cause.
reversers had to be retrofitted as well with the extra locks.
Also, there were human performance issues in the Lauda Air accident. Upset recovery training has improved cross the board as well. Boeing simulated the accident during the investigation and found out that their test pilot was able to recover the aircraft even with a 6 second delay in application of the proper technique. Also, the crew was aware that the control issue was caused by uncommanded reverser deployment but without FDR data it could not be conclusively determined how the recovery was botched.

There have been incidents with unintentional reverser deplyoment in flight that ended up in control recovery, like KAL A300-600 incident off Jakarta in 1998.
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