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irrespective of the actual cause of this, the fact is that security as HESH is a joke.

A friend was returning from there a few days after the incident. He remarked that when walking through the scanners, despite people setting off the alarm, they were just waved through. He did not witness one person being stopped and checked.

Similarly he had several litres of liquid in his bag. Despite it showing up on the x-ray machine (which he could see), the two security personnel were more interested in chatting to each other... they were facing each other, neither of them looking at the x-ray screen.

I've flown out of Sharm a lot in the past... I've witnessed bags way overweight, and hand luggage totally inappropriate being waved through willy nilly.

It is a fact that security at HESH is a joke, terrorists only have to be lucky once, security services need to help make their own luck to reduce the chances of anything happening. Despite a love of diving I wouldn't go back there until things are tightened up... even though for a Brit it offers the best diving/cost/accessibility option... you can nip across for a long weekend and get some very colourful dives in.

Egypt needs to address this, other dive sites (Dahab etc) are pretty much deserted, they need the tourist dollar badly.
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