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@AGBagb ... fan

Dont know if you mean one of my 'update' posts ...

Found pictures of 2 different engines. I call them A and B as i have no been able to link them to either left or right wing positions yet.

Found pictures of 2 different fans. The first still has all blades (or 1 is missing) and all visible blades are complete end to end. The second clearly has a number of broken blades.
One of the spinners is clearly sooted (would have to check which one), while the engine itself is away from a 'burned area'. So a preliminary impression is that there was a fire at some stage inside the engine. Not possible to say of course if this was during the flight, during the descent or after the engine hit the ground. There is no clear evidence of fire at the outside of the engines. And no trace of 'shrapnel' damage. The leading edge of the cowlings and the cowling doors have separated but are close to the engines (as far as i can see now).

Hope this answers part of your question.
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