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quote ''As someone who is due to operate a Sharm this weekend I have to admit I've been seriously worried these past few days. I've been saying for months (not on here) that the next place, after Tunisia to receive this treatment would be Sharm. It took six weeks for our company to circulate the NOTAM regarding St Catherine which I found far from ideal. I operated a number of SSH flights during this six week period, one of which took me straight over CAT below 25,000' because 22R was in use. My eyes are on stalks every time I go near the place and brief the other guy if I see anything untoward I'll be taking evasive action.

IF, and it's a big IF this tragedy is sinister, why can't we just get the RAF down there with their bomb dog squad and go through everything checked in, and the aircraft prior to departure? To me it's the only way we can reduce a bomb threat to its lowest acceptable level. The Dogs won't lie and identify anyone, or item of baggage that'll be suspicious

i'm amazed that descents were allowed too - my pal a 757 skip out of BRS
had the same - he's ex RAF and did not like it one bit

indeed - trouble is the Metrojet had been on the ground for 12 hours so this occasion any bomb could have been placed on board not in baggage but by an airport worker in the pay of dirty others
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