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However there is one aspect of the FR24 data which is intriguing. By now it is increasingly clear that an in-flight breakup occurred, with complete loss of control the moment the tail section broke off early in the sequence. Data continued to be received from the aircraft for 25 seconds after the start of the upset, which at least indicates that the relevant systems were powered and transmitting (never mind the data). Can someone with knowledge of the bus power/avionics systems provide a plausible scenario for this ? Is this indicative of the engine generators continuing to supply power until loss of signal, or would there be some automatic reversion to battery power (which would remain available as it is in the front bay) after the engines would have shorn off ? Given the G forces involved it is unlikely the crew would/could do anything.
The Transponder (source of FR24 data) may still operate on DC battery, loss of data could be due to equipment feeding transponder going invalid which may also stop the ADS-B transmissions, also as altitude reduces the FR24 ground RX could loose signal due to normal radar range issues.

What would be more interesting was if any ground ATC tracked the Mode A/C/S from this aircraft?
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