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I have not seen any specific photos of any part of the cabin floor, the condition of which would be a prime indicator of any cargo hold explosion. A major overpressure event from the CH generally results in visible upward buckling of the cabin floor.
I have seen a photo of a truck-mounted crane lifting a fuselage section using a steel wire rope - operated with what appears to be a lack of care towards preserving any overpressure buckling evidence.
Fuselage wall or cabin floor components that are buckled again by careless lifting techniques would not assist crash investigators one iota.

The investigating (Russian) medics are stating that approximately one-fifth of the bodies have suffered severe burns.
This then extrapolates to mean that 4/5ths are not showing any severe burns, and that the fire in the aircraft was limited to approximately 20%, or less, of the fuselage.
What has also been revealed is that numerous bodies are severely fragmented - thus indicating the high possibility of an explosive event.
I would say that the Russian medics will know already, from examining the bodies - whether those bodies have sustained injuries consistent with flying fragments penetrating those bodies under high velocity, as in a nearby high-explosive event - or whether they were merely fragmented from impact with high-speed aircraft debris, as the aircraft broke up and impacted the ground.
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