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Fair point, TURIN. But MAN actually has a broad portfolio of air carriers from across the spectrum from ultra no-frills to ultra-prestige. Some other UK airports have no-frills only. Yet Manchester alone is the one which (we are told) can't cope. All those other airports do accept their share of diversions. Including those dominated by no-frills to a far greater extent than Manchester is. So something else must be very wrong.

Here is an idea. Mr O' Toole and his senior ops managers are likely remunerated via an annual bonus for a job well done. So how about this: for every one day that MAN has a 'NO DIVS' NOTAM in force, they forfeit 1% of their annual bonus? It would actually be quite fair, as this farce is costing MAG shareholders precious revenue and profits! I'm sure that under this arrangement the problem would be resolved remarkably quickly.

Don't worry Mr O' T. Only joking. About your bonuses, that is. But this really is a problem. And you really do need to resolve it. If it is a MAG problem, sort it in house. If it is a handling agency problem, give them a minimum performance ultimatum and enforce it. Pretending that MAN is the only airport in the country getting it right on this won't cut it. If every airport operated this way we'd have fuel-starved airliners falling out of the sky.

By the way, about MAN's much vaunted environmental record. How does forcing aircraft displaced from nearby airports such as LPL and LBA to divert to the likes of EDI when you DO have the means to accommodate them actually resonate with that? Just wondering!
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