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None of you need to get into a shyte fight.

What you want to see is rigourous, detailed and comprehensive research that proves incontrovertibly that replacing an engine at Ten years across the entire Australian piston fleet will reduce the cost and risk of fatality to Australian aviation.

Contrary to popular belief, actuaries can and do put a price on human life.

Risk management computes the total cost of a risk reduction strategy in dollar terms, the includes the increase in motor traffic deaths as a result of reduced flying passenger hours, the cost of engine replacements and the cost of accidents that can be attributed to engine failure asa result of o condition engine failures.

FIrst cab of the rank is to compute in flight engine failure rates of on condition and hard time engines. I would be surprised if there was much difference. I would be further surprised if OC engines had a statistically significant higher rate per thousand hours flown.
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