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Originally Posted by wishiwasupthere
Those that can, do; those that can't, teach; those that can't do or teach, go to CASA.

Mostly said by those who have never taught and can never learn.

I used to do.....
Now I teach.......

I can tell you which ones harder......

If CASA bring in a mandate to overhaul at 12 years you can be assures that all my skills doing/teaching and understanding the Regs will go to stop this. Just as I did with the ridiculous prop AD amendment.

Obi_wan: LAME's are not "out on a limb" on this one. CASA provide clear guidance on the actions to be taken to continue an engine on condition in AWB 85-004 - issued more than 10 years ago.

The key to operating an engine on condition is to start early in its life with oil analysis/trend data gathering, a fact lost on many owners who want to begin "on condition" monitoring on the day it reaches TBO.
Would I sign out an engine on condition the first time i had seen it - NO, if it had full records of its operating parameters, a long history of SOAP analysis with no major changes and I had completed the checks in the AWB - Absolutely.

If engines are failing while on condition the next question asked should be "Are LAME's following AWB85-004 and is it adequate" My guess is many LAME's are not following it.
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