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There is also a lack of QFIs at OCU level on the ME fleets because the UASs, which traditionally were where ME QFIs were trained
I am curious about the perception of a requirement for type-conversion staff to be also qualified and experienced in elementary flying instruction. EASA specify separate qualifications for these disciplines (FI and TRI). Whilst there is certainly some common ground in core instructional skills, there are equally many aspects that are not at all similar.

I think most of the audience here have a good grasp of how elementary instruction is delivered, but there are perhaps fewer that appreciate how modern multi-engine pilot conversion is achieved. Students are taught in pairs in a flight simulator; there is no "demo" or "follow-me through" teaching, unless the student does not achieve competence. The on-aircraft training is (or should) be no-more than a validation of skills acquired in the FSTD. A background in elementary flying instruction may well be useful, but isn't a pre-requisite for successful delivery of a type-conversion training.
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