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Pages 92-93 here: http://parlinfo.aph.gov.au/parlInfo/...lication%2Fpdf
Senator FAWCETT: I am very pleased to hear that. You have said also in point 2 in your regulatory philosophy that where reasonable alternative approaches to the fulfilment of a regulatory requirement can satisfy legal requirements and do not unacceptably compromise safety that you will consider it and look at that. I draw you back to a conversation we have had previously about pilots who have a colour vision deficiency and the fact that previously CASA allowed an alternative approach which was an individual assessment of competence and capacity to operate a particular aircraft type by night and as a result of that we have had 25 years of safe operations, single pilot, multicrew, RPT and so on. Currently CASA has closed the door to that. Would you consider reopening that door in light of your stated regulatory philosophy?

Mr Skidmore: I have stated to those people involved that I am more than happy to look at the empirical test that is actually defining the variables and actually understand the implications in regards to the tested results themselves and if they prove otherwise then we will look at those.
Why is the onus on "those people" to "prove" anything?
Senator FAWCETT: So, that could include a practical test in the aircraft type that they were seeking approval to operate?

Mr Skidmore: Currently in regards to regulations, as far as I am aware, we specify the Ishihara test is the first level, the Farnsworth test is the second level and then a third test. Currently we recommend the CAD test.
No Mr Skidmore, "we" don't "recommend" sh*t. The word "recommend" infers a choice. There is no choice as to the means of demonstrating compliance with the colour perception standard.

The supporters of that nice-little-earner the CVD prejudice industry in CASA have determined the CAD test for the purposes of CASR 67.150(6)(c).

Unless of course no test at all has been determined, or other tests have been determined, and no one in industry has been told.

Nothing AVMED does would surprise.
Senator FAWCETT: What I am saying to you is that we have demonstrated that there are pilots who have safely operated for more than a decade in a range of very challenging roles who have failed your third test, the CAD test. I am asking would you consider allowing them to do what CASA has previously done, which is to do a practical flight test, or now possibly in a simulator, to demonstrate what they are individually capable of in a real scenario?

Mr Skidmore: I have to consider all the situations involved and understand the implications in regards to that. If we consider it is an acceptable means of compliance then I should look at it.
Meaningless waffle. Translation: Meh.
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