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Completely wrong!

Business class (we call it cloud nine) every time we go home. I have been here a year now and it is just fine. If you really need some info and are considering coming here feel free to pm me and when I check this site again I will respond. You get full pay reimbursed once you finish the short training period. From start to finish usually less than 1 month. The 777 is great, you can work as much or as little as you want to, meaning you follow the regs to the T. You get a roster every month, but keep in mind it will change!!! The above post about pay is correct, it depends on the A/C. Housing is in ET dollars but easy to change to USD and you per diem goes into your home account with your month pay. On time every month unless a holiday messes it up. Come with an open mind. There is no air conditioning or heating in any place here because the temperature is very nice. You are coming to a country that is not what we are used to so, yes the clinic leaves a little to be desired but nothing different than you would get in any other third world. And as far as the sim goes if you come in here with a good attitude if is a breeze, the guys are friendly and if you can not land in a 40 kt cross wind, first I have heard of this, I wouldn't want you as my Captain anyway! Good luck to you my friends...oh yeah the are now about 175 expats here and another 70+ to come. They are very friendly to us. Petty crime happens here like anywhere but if you walk down in dim lit street in the West you will be lucky if that is all that happens!
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