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Stay away the B777 is a a waste of time i was just there really hard to commute as you lose two days of commuting from the US as the flight that goes from Washington IAD is an early morning flight you have to get there the night before.
There is no Business Class as they advertise they stick you in the back of the plane.
They do not like westerners there and they will try to bust you in the simulator for eval. The B767 sim is inop no money to repair it Captains flying the 767 are going past there six months and getting waivers to continue flying. they stick you in a B737 simulator that is not maintained to standards. They will put in a forty knot crosswind to mess you up and fast forward the ground speed.
The hotel is out in the middle of no where as they recently just changed it is a one star at best. No AC or Heat in the rooms or building.
While I was there one of the other crew members interviewing got there Iphone stolen.
The Medical clinic where you do your physical is not sanitary at all better have all your shots or you may catch something, they reuse alot of testing equip without cleaning.

They also do not reimburse you for your visa as they also say.

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