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I did not want to be drawn into this but, here goes.


I was incorrect about my training flights; It was 3 days of 2 sectors = 6 in total.
I am sorry to mislead you.
They were happy with the standard, I met whatever minimum there was and then passed the Check , which was a couple of days later.
I have to say that I found it easy , say no more.

There was a bit of a delay before I started and I was offered another fleet but, I could see that there would be long delays along that route and decided to wait and do what I know how to do.
Turned out to be a wise move, I think.

On your idea about Expat Pilot group representatives, it is an old idea that has never happened in any Asian airline that I have worked for.
It is their cricket set and it will stay that way.


There is a lot going on in the company, in a country where change is slow at best and maybe almost non existent . It may take decades or never come good.

I have heard of the penalty culture but, I have never been penalized nor have I heard of anyone who has been.
Perhaps someone can present some one who has.

Never had any problems with QAR and I consider myself to be a "competitive" flyer.


I am not going to bother countering or arguing because I can see that I will never change your thinking.

You appear to be in pain.

I have but one question.

If it is so bad at CSA, why are you still there?

All the best to both of you.
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