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Hmm just 3 flights, even as a DEC, as some of us are, seems awfully quick...

Attempt is not to start a fight on my part..

Absolutely agree life is what you make it, but always nice to know what life to expect.. but your suggestion to sort out bases etc with the agency, of course the agency is the conduit through which to channel complaints, but only the airline can sort out the issues and sometimes there seems a disconnect between what the agency says should happen and the reality on the ground..

With respect to what GF, Mach or myself suggested, wouldn't suggest that is the experience of 100% of the guys, but certainly a lot of the guys.. As I alluded some of the delays are outside the airline's control ( I think CSA are equally frustrated), my only observation, however, whereas expats must be mindful of the culture of the country/Airline they are in, respect is earned when that cultural sensitivity is reciprocal especially in light of the incorporation of expats into the operation..

From a personal viewpoint, CSA has some experienced guys, whether NB or WB rated previously, with former Base Managers, Instructors, Safety Managers, Recruitment Pilots etc perhaps they could select an expat pilot rep(s) to form a signal channel of dialogue, rather than a dozen agencies trying to feed info (info overload/ analysis paralysis).

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