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An internal memo to SNCF staff has said that free travel can be given to large group of travellers who board the French trains without tickets. This means that mobs of asylum seekers can now travel across France at taxpayers expense if they turn up mob handed!
I have friends currently enjoying a holiday in Europe, for which they're paying top dollar/euro. I can just imagine how they'd react to their first class cabin in a train being overrun by 'asylum seekers' who don't have tickets.

Tourism has been one of Europe's top earners over the last 50 years, if not more (with a couple of short interludes where - [like today?] - some of the larger 'organised foreign tour groups' were perhaps not quite so welcome), but I can see the tourists staying away in their tens of thousands if all they're going to see at each tourist hot spot is a succession of young African men aggressively selling fake sunglasses and 'designer' handbags from blankets spread out on the street.

Oh, wait a minute... that's what Paris was like last time I visited the place ten years ago.

What's it going to be like ten years from now?

Someone beat me to mentioning this some weeks ago, but not too far into the future, I can see some crazies attempting to put a bomb on the Pieta or even the whole of St Peter's or Notre Dame because the Christian symbolism offends them. Or maybe we'll be spared the destruction if sanity prevails and all they do is stick minarets on 'em and whitewash over all the Christian art as they did at Ayea Sofia in Istanbul.
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