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I'm not qualified in any sense to comment on the Lightning's capabilities, suffice it to say that my screensaver is a lovely picture of a Lightning in company with with a Victor K1 over the Alps*, two of the most visually appealing aircraft ever built IMOH.

Lightnings were my "stock in trade" during my six years on tankers, and their renowned thirst meant frequent visits to the hose for replenishment, thus reducing the time till we got back down and off to the bar! A highlight of my time at Marham was when I got a ride in a T4 when the Lightning OCU was lodging with us while Coltishall's runway was renewed My experience was similar to WASALOADIE'S, although I was somewhat taken aback when the pilot slipped on a pair of specs as part of his pre takeoff checks. Steely-eyed fighter pilots indeed!

*Sent to me by Lightning Mate, who I haven't seen for a while - hello LM if you are still around!

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