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Never flew it as I was busy making holes in the ground but always remember it gave us muddies the best "fur balls." In my later days when I was flying the mighty Fin in defence of the realm it used to p... me off that it could turn with me when I was in 25 wing and it was in 62!!! I agree that the Mk2A was the best although it's weapons weren't that good but it had legs and guns. The Mk3 was too short range and the Mk6 normally caught fire before it could get a shot off.

All of that said it was way ahead of its time and for once in the history of the RAF we had a fighter with enough power.

A lot of my mates flew it and loved it so much that they never stop telling you about it. God bless them all even KM- the best fighter pilot ever to live, I know because he told me.
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