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PPL Training Leading to ATPL - Outside of EASA countries


I've been trying to get my head around the convoluted world of licensing, specifically EASA law.

I will most likely pursue my fATPL on the Modular route, though I was thinking of getting my EASA PPL in a non-EASA country (Jordan to be specific) since it's cheaper and the weather is mostly good.

Obviously that is not possible, as the FTO is not EASA approved. Though I was thinking if the following possible:

For PPL I will need 45 hours, so is it possible to do 40 of those hours in Jordan and the remainder in UK for example? And obviously I will do the skill test and theoretical test in the UK in an EASA approved FTO. Or is there a minimum number of hours that need to be flown in EASA airspace.

If anyone can shed light on this it would be much appreciated.

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