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Mr Prime Minister you are very, very wrong.

It is the duty of every Muslim to convert non-believers i.e. we the Infidels, to the Islamic faith; if we cannot be converted then we are to be eliminated.
Muslims have no intention to assimilate with us... that would be in direct contravention of their Islamic faith!

We do not need any more conversations, understandings, appeasement, workings together, ad nauseam; this is the 4th or 5th time this has happened where each time we have weakly said we need to work together, a holistic approach.

What is needed for the Muslim community to clearly understand this will not be tolerated.

The only conversation needed, needed to be heard, is the Muslim people loudly, clearly telling the Imanís, those of their faith who are not prepared to accept our way of life to change their ways or immediately leave!

We grant others the privilege to visit or migrate to our country, having done this we give permission for them to do so both of which is granted upon the understanding they shall understand, obey our laws; understand, obey, respect our way of life; if they are not prepared to do this fully then flights, which they should be on, leave hourly!

We have our Servicemen and women, our police, firemen or anyone in uniform told not to wear this uniform off duty for fear of attack; the very people whose uniform displays the symbol of law and order, the peace, freedoms we enjoy; this is not only appalling, objectionable, it is abhorrent a direct appeasement, weakness and surrender!

Your first and foremost duty is the protection of Australia, Australian citizens not to kowtow, weakly appease those who would destroy our lifestyle; we demand you act to protect Australia and Australians first.
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