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via Hempy:
Who are you going to vote for next election Bingi? Libs (the 'bankers mates' (like things have changed ))? ALP? Greens?
Looks like your are disenfranchised (aka on your own planet) old chap. A 'minority group'. Oops. Let's hope we don't start treating hard line right-wingers like we do Muslims, you might need asylum...Hope they let you in..
Hmmm... who to vote for ?

This song makes more sense then the Greens: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=8nJ30dodvdc ...so pass..

If Labor could escape from the Global Warming farce they would have the election in the bag. Bad union 'connections' would likely be overlooked (keep in mind the money being paid to the union bad boys and girls stays in Oz. i.e., it dont go to turnbulls mates at Goldman Sachs)
The problem they got is their 'green' alliance and the union super 'investments' in global warming related infrastructure... and the abc would suffer group hysteria... and..... fergetaboutit..

The Nats. Many good people, though, just like howard with the gun prohibition, turnbull is going to cuckold them. Who wants to vote for a bunch of cuckolds. ...If they can escape before its to late, we'll see...

Libs. Plenty of good people, though, afflicted with corruption at the top. Only option there is keep working to expose and remove the corruption. The evidence is stacking up every day, so...

And, there might be some more independents along, so, I'll worry about my vote on the day..

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