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Hi everybody,

My name's Shujaa, first post here on the forum. I'm kind of stuck in a similar dilemna: I'm a British citizen currently residing in Pakistan, and currently studying the equivalent of A levels here (science subjects - no Mathematics).

My plan was till recently to complete my higher secondary education, and join CTC or OAA to do my fATPL / MPL. My parents are reluctant for me to enter this field, and become jobless after getting my fATPL due to the current job situation. They want me to continue in a medical university and go for my MBBS degree.

After reading this thread from top to bottom: I've concluded that it is useful to get a degree, for something to fall back on and for obvious experience reasons.

Now my queries: Will getting a degree in MBBS help me in finding a job if I choose to start my flying after uni?

And what about the degrees offers by CTC / OAA during your training? BSc Honours in Air Transport Management with Airline Pilot Training.

And if not, what else advice should I keep in mind?

Many many thanks
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