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you have to admire greatness.
but what is it about CAsA that has caused it to be the greatest assembly of fckuwits in the history of aviation?

the new chief medical officer signs his name with MBBS, BsC, Postgrad, DipSci, FRACGP, SQNLDR RAAFSR.
so you think he was intelligent.
my recent medical has him asking for two followup items.
one doesn't exist and the other is nonsense.

they must search high and low for these idiots. normal people aren't this stupid.
I'm staggered at the level of moronic that these jobsworths can aspire to.

I am seriously thinking of telling the chief medical officer that he can add FOTM(September) to his list of qualifications. (fcukwit of the month for september).

if he is the new guy we're in for a rough ride....
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