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Sunfish, which rules don't you understand?

I can go to the regs and associated documents right now and have clear answers about pretty much any damn thing associated with a given flight - what instruments and equipment are needed, how much fuel, the weather minima, what I should take with me, so on and so forth. Don't give me that 'you miss the point' gumph unless you can be specific about what I'm missing in particular.

Concerning the road traffic police, they can be pretty bloody arbitrary too if they want to pull me up for what they consider to be dangerous driving, or any number of other things such as the roadworthiness or otherwise of my vehicle etc etc. They don't write the rules, but if you want we could have CASA or someone else interpreting the laws and writing regs, and they can commission a special aviation branch of the police if it'll make you happy.

You guys bag me out for not seeing through CASA's evil plot to kill GA, well the opposite could be said for you - you're never going to be happy with anything they do, but I bet any system you came up with to throw CASA out and replace them with something else would turn out to be just another version of the same.

To put it yet another way ... no, that's it.
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