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I don't care whether you call it a CBA, cost-effectiveness analysis, cost–utility analysis, risk–benefit analysis, economic impact analysis, fiscal impact analysis, or Social return on investment (SROI) analysis. All roads lead to Rome.
i.e. Dick and yourself are saying there should be some sort of measurement of costs attached to reasons, and an analysis thereof, for the ADSB rules/changes. Yet Dick offers no such analysis for his airspace proposals- just a "why don't we try it and see" argument. You don't see the hypocrisy?

BTW- be careful what you wish for. A CASA CBA (as you define it) might very well show NO PROBLEM. An owner's CBA might be the total opposite. Where do you go then? As sunny alludes to, the costs will always reside somewhere. Just where, seems to be the issue, doesn't it?
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