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Had this gone on a few seconds longer, there might well have been hull loss. And massive loss of life.
One small point. The hull is lost. The fuel was cut off, though there was probably a major leak from the 70psi main fuel pump line severed by the uncontained failure of the high pressure compressor. If you watch the video carefully, the fire had slightly subsided BEFORE the fire crew arrived. The cut-off of fuel had done its job.

Whether the cabin would have been penentrated without expedient evacuation and arrival of fire services is a moot point. However, I will agree with you that it was a close call in that most of those hospitalised were due to smoke inhalation. If you recall the BA disater from 30 years, it was indeed smoke inhalation that killed most of the souls on board.

In this respect, it was indeed a close call.
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