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Cliff Secord, has pretty well summed it up perfectly.

Having flown both freight and cargo for a couple of Asian airlines, the locals tended to prioritise towards pax ops as they liked being seen in the shiny gold plated uniforms! Expats tended to like the flexibility of cargo flights!

With regards to SATCOM when on a training flight I always allow my trainee to call home on SATCOM 'once' so that they can see how it works when having to manually input a phone number......the smile and CRM is so worth it after they've had a brief chat with their loved ones from 35000 feet over some remote area.

Often freighter ops require you to be on a rotation which could last a couple of weeks....as mine is now....forget CRM, psychoanalysis of each other is probably more useful! Weird hours...weirder food, 'often', strange layovers....you need to respect each other's need for 'down-time' but the camaraderie is second to none....however, after a couple of weeks on the road, trying to explain to your other half that you need female companionship as you're fed up with a totally male orientated environment does raise the odd (manicured) eyebrow!

Yes pax can be a pain.....but I tend to '***e' over my lithium batteries and make sure they are well cared for more than I ever did for any First Class passenger....especially when the OAT is forty plus while they are being loaded/prepared.

I thought I was the only one to have called the hotel reception, saying yes I know it's 6:00 but is that am or pm....days before mobile phones and iPads! But I still have conversations with my copilot and taxi drivers as to what day of the week it is....too often these days.....however, I always know exactly how many days it is to the next payday!

Freight dog or passenger wh**e....well for me now it has to be freight dog. Sat in my seat in my boxers and T-shirt with my feet in a bucket of ice because the APU isn't working and the OAT is trying to nudge 50.....nobody bats an eye as a freight dog.......but I think my pax would have something to say!

So maybe it's horses for courses....but me its dogging all the way.....that's freight dogging by the way!
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